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About Dhurobo Network
About Dhurobo Network

Dhrubo Networks is Bangladesh's Champion in Networking, Software, and Cloud solutions. We are based in Dhaka and we’ll always go the extra mile for our customers in the whole of Bangladesh. We’re committed to bringing new IT benefits and levels of service to the region.

What we do

Dhrubo is The Mother Company of Dhrubo Soft, Dhrubo Networks, Media Hunt Enterprise, Time Networks & Cloud ERP Solutions. We focus on Corporate, Residential, and Small Businesses providing future-proof IT solutions.

Dhrubo is a partner of many wholesale networks across Bangladesh, allowing us to offer competitive, high-quality Networking, ISP, and Software Services.

Through our multiple partnerships with companies like Dell, Adhua, Red Hat, BTCL, ZTE, HUAWEI, and many more, we provide corporate-level solutions to any business in Bangladesh.

How we work

We start by learning about your business needs in detail. Once we understand your business needs, our technical team collaborates to give you the best possible solutions designed specifically to address those needs. If you approve the proposal, our team will implement the solutions as outlined, leveraging our expertise to deliver the proposed capabilities customized for your business.

1. Meeting

2. Proposal

3. Composition

4. Development

5. Deployment

6. Support & Monitoring

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With the capabilities of a leading national company and the attentive service of a local provider, we deliver the best of both worlds. Our customers enjoy the flexibility, speed, and savings that come from our optimized approach.

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We are proud to be part of the Dhrubo family and are committed to becoming a leading managed service provider in an ever-changing industry.